40 Best Gifts for Soccer Coaches – Gift Ideas for Your Coach

If you have a soccer player in your home, you know how critical soccer coaches can be. A gift is a great way to thank them. But, how are you supposed to know what the best gifts are?

Read on to learn about forty appreciation gift ideas for the soccer coaches in your life. They’re sure to love something from here.

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Soccer Ball

A soccer ball is an obvious choice, but your coach will love this reminder of what they do. They can use it all the time.

Most soccer balls are affordable, and they’re the perfect gift idea. Here’s a great soccer ball on Amazon.

You can find some additional options in 6 Best Soccer Balls – 2022.

Portable Soccer Goal

Next up is the portable soccer goal. This one is the perfect soccer coach gift because it opens up the ability to make soccer time every time.

Check out this portable soccer goal on Amazon. This gift comes in different sizes, so it’s up to you to determine which one your coach will prefer.

For some different alternatives, take a look at 7 Best Backyard Soccer Goals – 2022.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is also an excellent present for a soccer coach. It’s not only useful, but it’s affordable.

Welly makes an attractive first aid option that will fit any budget or taste. Your coach will love a first aid kit.

Ballpoint Pen

A ballpoint pen can be a sweet gesture if you pick the right one for your soccer coach. This device is sure to make your coach smile.

The Scriveiner is an excellent choice, but there are others. Your amazing soccer coach will have fun tracking down plays with your wonderful present.

Funny Tees

Funny tees are a classic. If you find one that has a joke you know your child’s soccer coach will love, this clothing item will make the ideal present.

Here’s an example of a great tee-shirt you could buy as an appreciation gift for your favorite coach. There are even more to choose from the more you look.

Stainless Steel Whistle

A whistle is essential equipment for a great coach and would be a fantastic gift this holiday season.

The Hipat whistle is an excellent choice for any soccer coach. It will help your coach take charge on the field.

Portable Bench

Many soccer fields don’t have benches, so a portable bench is a huge help for your coach. He or she will adore this thoughtful gift.

There are many options online. Select a color they love or embroider your coach’s name for a special addition.

Team Picture

A team picture can be a sweet gift for your coach. Frame it and have your team sign it for full effect.

This gift is great if you’re close with your coach. They’ll adore the extra thought.

Coach’s Favorite Beverage

Does your coach have a favorite beverage? If they do, it’s a super easy gift that will be much appreciated.

Typically, you can find beverages in-store or online. They’re an affordable gift option.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A water bottle can keep your child’s soccer coach hydrated while they’re on the field. They’ll love this present.

You can get it in a black finish or add a personal touch with a name. Water bottles are excellent.

Coach’s Favorite Snack

Does your child’s soccer coach have a snack they’re always eating? Buy it for them!

If you buy in bulk, you can feed them for a long time. Food is always a winner.


It can get cold at soccer games. Gloves will help keep your coach warm at all times.

Here’s a nice affordable pair of gloves. There are a ton of options for great coaches.

Umbrella Hat

An umbrella hat is an interesting way to provide some shade for your coach. Your coach can stay cool on the hottest days.

This umbrella hat is an excellent option. There are a ton of wacky choices for you to choose from.

Championship Ring Box

Is your team a winner? Get your coach a ring box.

This gift can be personalized as you wish. There are a lot of affordable options.

Soccer Coach Bobblehead

What’s better than a soccer coach bobblehead? Absolutely nothing at all.

Invest in a personalized bobblehead to make your coach smile. They’ll love the effort you made.

Coach Plaque

Your coach is so amazing that they deserve a plaque. They can hang this soccer coach gift on their wall.

You can add a personal touch, like a team picture. Your coach will definitely feel loved.

Soccer Clock

A soccer clock helps them keep track of time and decorates a wall. It also reminds your coach of soccer.

This soccer clock is an excellent option. There are a lot of designs to pick from online.

Tennis Shoes

Your coach is always on his feet. Nice tennis shoes will keep them comfy while they stand and coach.

Figure out your coach’s size and favorite brand, and pick them up a pair.

Mesh Soccer Bags

Mesh soccer bags make carrying equipment a lot easier. They make a wonderful gift for your coach.

From a soccer ball to jerseys, anything can be transported in this bag. They’ll love your present.

Dry Erase Clipboard

A dry-erase clipboard will allow your child’s soccer coach to make game plans visible to all. Players will see what they need to do on this item.

If your coach loves to, well, coach, this is an excellent gift. They’ll have fun with this device.

Soccer Hoodie

A soccer hoodie is cute and keeps your coach warm. You can even add a personal touch with your team name!

You can either buy a blank hoodie and decorate or pay for personalization. The choice is yours.

Soccer Beach Towel

If you live by the beach, a towel is an excellent gift for your coach. There’s a lot of soccer options online.

If you don’t want a generic soccer ball towel, personalize it. Your team name can decorate your coach’s beach spot.

Cones and Jersey Kit

If your coach needs gear, you can get him a cone and jersey kit. He’ll find it useful, and it will save him money.

This cone and jersey set on Amazon is excellent. They will appreciate the help.

Inspirational Gear

Have a coach that needs inspiration? Get them something inspiring!

This gift could include a book, poster, or keychain. The options are endless.


Get your coach a megaphone so they can be loud at soccer training. They’ll enjoy the power they get with this gift.

This Croove is an excellent option. There are a ton of megaphones to choose from online.

Coach Mug

A mug will make your coach smile the moment they wake up. Pick a soccer one, or get it personalized.

Mugs are versatile gifts. Your coach will adore the comfort they provide.

Soccer Art

What about some art they can hang in their home? Pick a painting that will remind them of what they love. 

This wall art is just one of many options. Soccer art is a memory that can last forever.

Quality Backpack

Does your coach carry a lot of stuff? Get a backpack for them!

This Adidas backpack makes a great gift. Get one big enough for all their stuff.

Agility Training Set

An agility training set can make any training session a challenging one. Your coach will love that.

This agility training set is a great option. Your coach will adore the options they have for bettering their team.


A useful book can educate your coach and keep them entertained. There are a ton of options to select from. Jump over to The Best 12 Books on Coaching Youth Soccer for some of the best ideas.

Whether motivational or thrilling, your coach will love the book you choose for them. It shows heart.


A stopwatch is useful for a soccer team. This gift will come in handy and is nice to look at in hand.

There are several high-end watches and affordable ones. Your budget can afford a stopwatch.

Mist Bottle

It can get hot on a soccer field. A mist bottle will keep your coach cool while they watch the game.

This mist bottle is an excellent choice. Your coach will appreciate the help.


A beanie can keep your leadership warm in the winter. Experienced coaches will love the chance to stay comfy in the cold.

There are a ton of beanie options. Pick a color that best suits your coach.

Sherpa Blanket

A sherpa blanket is great for a coach on the field and off. You can personalize it to your liking.

You can find some great blankets online. This option is a great gift idea.

Gift Card

A gift card is a classic. Pick up one from your coach’s favorite restaurant or coffee shop to make their day.

Depending on your generosity, you can even get them multiple cards. Gift cards are always safe.


Sunglasses will allow your coach to see the game, even in the brightest sun. They come in different sizes for different faces.

If you want to go expensive with the glasses, there’s an option. You can also select an affordable pair. 

Soccer Ball Pump

A soccer ball pump fixes many situations. It comes in different sizes for different balls.

This ball pump is a great choice. Your soccer coach will love the the assistance you provide them.

Rain Jacket

Sometimes, rain can make a soccer game or soccer practice intolerable. You can buy your coach a nice rain jacket for these occasions.

This Columbia jacket is a great place to start. This choice is one of the most high-quality soccer coach gifts you can choose.

Foot Spa

Nothing is better for a tired instructor than a foot spa on sore limbs. This gift isn’t directly related to soccer, but it will be appreciated nonetheless.

The Conair Foot Spa is an excellent and affordable choice, but there are more expensive versions if you want an upgrade. After a long season, a foot spa will be a welcomed present.

Ice Chest

An ice chest can store anything from drinks to ice packs. Your favorite team can celebrate the hard work of your coach with this gift.

This classic Coleman cooler is an excellent option, but there are other varieties out there. Pick one that fits the great coaches in your life.

Great Gift Ideas for Every Budget

If your child’s soccer coach is one of the most critical people in their life, you need to get a great appreciation gift. There are a lot of options to choose from.

With all that we’ve listed, hopefully, there’s an appreciation gift that will work. The possibilities are endless!

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