7 Best Backyard Soccer Goals – 2023

As we approach summer 2023, it’s time to start preparing your backyard for the upcoming soccer season. One of the most essential pieces of equipment you’ll need is a backyard soccer goal. Of course, not all soccer goals are made equal, and soccer players can vary significantly in terms of age and skill level, so you’ll want to find one that is the best of the best while also suiting your soccer needs. 

This article will list the top seven best backyard soccer goals you can purchase in 2023. We’ll explore all of your options, from regulation-sized goals for serious soccer players to low-budget pop-up goals for kids. By the end, we guarantee you’ll find a goal that fits your backyard space, soccer ambitions, and budget. 

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GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal

The first goal on our list is a popular choice amongst soccer players and coaches alike for its affordability, portability, and durability.

The GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal is a flexible, twist-open portable set of goals that measure 4 feet wide and 34 inches tall, making them the best option for small kids playing with a size 3 ball or as low-budget practice goals. They easily stake into the ground and are even built with an ultra-reflective net that will keep the goal visible for early practice sessions or late games. 

While having a full-sized soccer goal is nice, it’s usually unnecessary for your 5-year-old who’s just getting into the sport. Starting with these smaller nets will suit them better size-wise and ensure you fuel their passion for soccer without purchasing a $100+ regulation-sized net. 

These nets are also great for small-sided games and practices no matter your age or skill level.

Franklin Sports Premier Steel Soccer Goal (4ft. X 6ft.)

When it comes to soccer goals, Franklin Sports is a highly reputable brand that makes some of the best options on the market. Although they make soccer goals in a number of different sizes and builds, the one we recommend the most is their Premier Steel Soccer Goal measuring 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide. 

With its durable steel frame, precision-locking pins, and galvanized ground stakes, this soccer goal by Franklin Sports is the perfect choice for kids aged 5-10 years old. It’s made of strong and resilient materials for a long-lasting net but is also the perfect size to be an upgrade from the smaller pop-up goals like those above. 

Despite the slight increase in size, this net is still highly affordable, especially considering its exceptional features, such as the foldable hinge design for easy setup and storage. All of the components from the net to the frame to the stakes are also weather-resistant to prevent unnecessary wear and tear or corrosion. 

JOEGNMAX Portable Soccer Goal

If you’re looking for a backyard soccer goal that has a bit more utility than merely being an empty net to shoot on, we have the perfect choice for you. 

JOGENMAX’s Portable Soccer Goal is great for any backyard practice session and honing basic skills like footwork, shot accuracy, and more. With your purchase, you receive two goals, each with its own set of disc cones and a dangling aim target. 

The possibilities with this option are endless. Since it comes with two goals, friends and siblings can play against each other, or your young soccer player can set up obstacles and drills with their cones and targets to improve their skills and rise above the competition.

These nets measure 4ft. X 3ft. X 3ft., so they’re a little bigger than the GOLME PRO pop-ups, but they’re just as portable, durable, and easy to set up. The nets even come with a string of LED lights around the frame for playing in the dark. 

PowerNet Soccer Goal 12ft X 6ft –Portable

Another favored soccer goal you’ll see on nearly every 2023 list of “best soccer goals” is this portable soccer goal made by PowerNet.

This collapsible net is undoubtedly the best portable soccer goal you could purchase. Measuring 12 feet wide and 6 feet tall, this net is nearly regulation-sized and perfect for teenage soccer players. It also weighs 30.1 pounds, making it relatively lightweight for its size and easy to transport in its carrying bag.

Of course, when people read the word “portable,” they assume the goal isn’t going to be very sturdy once assembled, but that isn’t the case here. PowerNet’s soccer goal is made with a metallic base and fiberglass poles for a strong frame that won’t sway or knock over even after the hardest of shots. 

Lifetime 90046 Soccer Goal

If you have kids who love to play soccer and you want to buy them a backyard soccer goal that can grow in size as they do, we highly recommend this Liftetime 90046 Soccer Goal

The biggest perk with this soccer goal by Lifetime is that it’s adjustable both width and height-wise, allowing it to expand or contract based on the player’s age and needs. You can choose one of three sizes:

  • Large- 7ft. X 5ft.
  • Medium- 6ft. X 4ft.
  • Small- 4ft. X 3ft.

This net is made with a heavy-duty nylon net and a weather and rust-resistant steel frame that is durable but also easy to move, so you could easily pack and set up this net in the local park, at a friend’s house, or in your vacation home’s backyard. 

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal

Unsurprisingly, Franklin Sports makes another appearance on our list with their highly accredited Competition Soccer Goal

This soccer goal shares all of the exceptional qualities as the other Franklin Goal we discussed but is nearly twice the size, measuring 12 feet wide by 6 feet tall. This makes it just a couple feet shy of regulation size in terms of its height, but a superb goal all-around for young adult and adult players. 

We deem this soccer goal by Franklin Sports to be the ideal choice for more serious soccer players who want a long-lasting goal on a moderate budget. While this goal certainly isn’t the cheapest, it is the best value for its size, materials, and construction.  

G3Elite Pro Soccer Goal

All young adult and adult soccer players searching for that stunning regulation-sized soccer goal to put in their backyard can end their search now because the goal you’ve been looking for is G3Elite’s Pro Soccer Goal

Finding a reasonably priced soccer goal that is league and tournament-sized can be extremely difficult, which is why this goal by G3Elite Pro is the best choice. We highly recommend this soccer goal to all serious high school, collegiate, or pro soccer players. 

This net is made of the highest-quality materials meant to withstand years of use and exposure to weather. While you can move it if you want, we think this soccer goal is better suited to being a permanent fixture in your backyard that you don’t have to worry about constantly storing and setting back up. 

Anything Sports 3 in 1 Soccer Goal

The last soccer goal on our list is an uncommon choice but has a beneficial feature that isn’t found in any of the other options we’ve discussed.  

Anything Sport’s 3 in 1 Soccer Goal is arguably the most convenient and safest nets you can purchase, thanks to its multi-piece backstop. This structure of nets surrounding the primary net will ensure your missed shots don’t go slamming into the backyard shed or far off into the distance for you to chase. 

The primary net measures 12 feet wide by 6 feet tall, so it rivals most of the options on this list, but it also comes with a removable target for practice sessions and shot improvement, making it a highly versatile soccer goal as well.


A backyard soccer goal is a great investment to help your soccer player hone his or her skills. If you pick the one that best fits your budget and your player’s needs from the list above, you won’t be disappointed!

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